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We understand that any home improvement can be stressful, and using a contractor can add to your concerns. In today’s competitive environment companies like Luxe must be able to display an acceptable code of professionalism, quality and reliability to maintain a market edge against less scrupulous traders.

For your security and peace of mind, we are registered members of the Consumer Protection Association (CPA) who support and underwrite our own guarantee on all products for 10 Years!

Unlike so many ‘trade associations’ that seem to accept any trade member with little formal investigation, The CPA demands strict criteria for acceptance, approved trade members like us are required to pass strict criteria, being fully vetted for competence and professional integrity before being considered for acceptance.

Just as important to this formal written guarantee of our competence and professionalism is the fact that we are continually monitored by the CPA to maintain effect assurance for the public that membership is not dependent upon a ‘one-off’ initial inspection.

Your deposit will be protected by the CPA Deposit Indemnity and all our work is similarly guaranteed assuring you that your deposit can be repaid, and in case you’re wondering, the CPA is also covered by the FSCA the Financial Services Compensation Scheme.

For further information on the Consumer Protection Association and to understand better the comprehensive guarantees and subsequent peace of mind this affords our customers, please visit the official website where full details are available, or you can of course contact the organisation directly by telephone or mail.

Consumer Protection Association Limited
11 North Bridge Street,
Shefford, Bedfordshire,
SG17 5DQ
01462 850062


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